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Bermuda Blue
Bermuda Blue
Bermuda Blue
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Bermuda Blue

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Introducing Bermuda Blue 85 oz, a hollow-blade blue backing material. Each blade is hollow like a straw allowing air to flow into the turf. Much like our original Crystal, this artificial grass has Emerald and Olive bi-coloration with green and yellow bi-color, giving that natural grass look. With hollow-blade technology for a cooler feel and rich coloration, this turf is great for kids and animals alike.

Yarn Type:

  • Hollow-Blade

Product Details:

  • Roll Width 15'
  • Roll Length 100'
  • Face Weight 75oz
  • Pile Height 1.77"
  • Tuft Gauge 3/8"


  • Emerald & Olive Bi-Color + Green & Yellow Bi-Color
  • 15 Year Manufacturer
  • Warranty - window burn not covered!

PRICE IS PER SQFT. Orders must be by 15' widths. Ex. 15x20=300, so you would order quantity 300. All orders not placed in 15' increments will be subject to a smaller cut by 15'.

**For contractor pricing please contact us!